Tài liệu 6 chương về thiết kế PCB đảm bảo EMC


The techniques covered in these six articles are:

  1. Circuit design (digital, analogue, switch-mode, communications), and choosing components
  2. Cables and connectors
  3. Filters and transient suppressors
  4. Shielding
  5. PCB layout (including transmission lines)
  6. ESD, electromechanical devices, and power factor correction

Tải tài liệu tại đây:

  1. https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/design_techniques_for_emc_1999_part_1_circuit_design.pdf
  2. https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/design_techniques_for_emc_1999_part_2_cables_and_connectors.pdf
  3. https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/design_techniques_for_emc_1999_part_3_filtering_and_surge_protection.pdf
  4. https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/design_techniques_for_emc_1999_part_4_shielding.pdf
  5. https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/design_techniques_for_emc_1999_part_5_pcb_layout_1.pdf
  6. https://www.emcstandards.co.uk/files/design_techniques_for_emc_1999_part_6_esd_harmonics_flicker_etc_.pdf

Hoặc tại đây:


A series of six articles on best-practice EMC techniques in electrical/electronic/mechanical hardware design, to be published in this journal over the following year. The series is intended for the designer of electronic products, from building block units such as power supplies, single-board computers, and “industrial components” such as motor drives, through to stand-alone or networked products such computers, audio/video/TV, instruments, etc.

These articles were first published in the EMC Journal as a series during 1999. This version includes a number of corrections, modifications, and additions, many of which have been made as a result of correspondence with the following, to whom I am very grateful: Feng Chen, Kevin Ellis, Neil Helsby, Mike Langrish, Tom Liszka, Alan Keenan, T Sato, and John Woodgate. I am also indebted to Tom Sato for translating these articles into Japanese and posting them on his website: http://member.nifty.ne.jp/tsato/, as well as suggesting a number of improvements.

A textbook could be written about any one of the above topics (and many have), so this magazine article format can do no more than introduce the various issues and point to the most important of the best-practice techniques.

Before starting on the above list of topics it is useful see them in the context of the ideal EMC lifecycle of a new product design and development project.

Tham khảo: https://www.nutwooduk.co.uk/


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