Sưu tầm schematic của một board mạch Chipset Qualcomm


Trong bài này mình chia sẻ một bản vẽ Schematic của DragonBoard 820c, sử dụng chipset APQ8096 của Qualcomm.

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Tài liệu User Manual:


Linh dự phòng: http://link1s.com/uYlwpMe


Thông tin của Board:

Component Description
SoC Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820E
CPU Snapdragon 820E embedded platform, custom 64-bit Kryo quad-core CPU up to 2.15GHz , 14nm FinFET process technology
GPU Adreno™ 530 GPU OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP, OpenCL2.0, Vulcan, Renderscript, 64-bit virtual addressing
RAM Quad-channel, 16bit, 3GB PoP LPDDR4 SDRAM designed for 1866 MHz clock rate
Storage UFS2.0 gear 3 (1-lane) 32GB , and SD3.0
Ethernet Port GbE Ethernet connection
Wireless WLAN 802.11ac and Bluetooth ® wireless technology 4.2
USB One USB 2.0 micro B (device mode only)
Two USB 3.0 (host mode only)
Display 4k60 FPS decode 10-bit over HDMI 2.0 4K30
Miracast 2.0 streaming HEVC 10-bit and VP9
decode Direct Stream Video for Wireless
Display, 3:1 Frame Buffer Compression ratio
Video 4K UltraHD@30fps video playback and capture with H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC)
Audio PCM/AAC+/MP3/WMA, ECNS, Audio+ post-processing (optional)
Camera Integrated Dual ISP with support for 3 image sensors up to 28MP
Expansion Interface Expansion Connectors:
1x 96boards 40 pin Low-Speed connector (UART x2, SPI, I2S, I2C x2, GPIO x12, DC power)
1x 96boards 60 pin High-Speed connector (4L-MIPI DSI, USB,I2C x2, 2L+4L-MIPI CSI)
2x Analog expansion connector (headset, speaker via sound-wire interface, microphones, line-outs)
1x 60 pin High-Speed connector (secondary 4L-MIPI DSI, SSC serial busses, TSIF – connection available only in hardware)
I/O Interfaces:
HDMI Full-size Type A connector (4K@60fps)
1x USB 2.0 micro B (device mode only), 2x USB 2.0 type A (host mode only), micro SD card slot
1x GbE RJ45, 1x PCIe HMC, headset
LED 6 LED indicators
4 – user controllable
2 – for radios (BT and WLAN activity)
Button Power/Reset
Volume Up
Volume down
Power Source 96Boards compliant power supply
OS Support Linux Debian today
Linux OpenEmbedded – later 2018
Size 100mm by 85mm meeting 96Boards™ Consumer Edition ’extended’ dimensions specifications.


Tải nhiều SCHEMATIC hơn tại: https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard

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